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Specialty HR Consulting Services


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Peterson HR Consulting provides specialty HR consulting services that reflect the unique experience and expertise of the company's founder, Keith Peterson. 

Peterson HR Consulting provides organizations with expert labour relations advice to ensure employers achieve operational success through constructive relationships with their employees and their union representatives.

Peterson HR Consulting also provides faith-based organizations with a wide range of human resources advice and solutions to ensure they achieve their stated mission.

Peterson HR Consulting meets the needs of employers across western Canada from its office in Calgary, Alberta.




Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Areas of Practice


Whether you are renegotiating an existing collective agreement or negotiating your company's first agreement, collective bargaining is a critical business activity.  We draw on 48 rounds of bargaining experience when leading your organization to an agreement that meets the needs of all parties.  

grievances & arbitration

Any relationship has points of disagreement.  We are curious and relentless problem solvers that help you resolve disagreements with your union, or serve as the employer's nominee if arbitration is unavoidable.

labour relations strategy

Business strategies in a unionized workplace must be supported with effective labour relations strategies.  We identify the opportunities and challenges, then devise a realistic and flexible plan to ensure labour relations outcomes support business success.

leadership development

Leaders are made, not born.  We bring 20 years of supporting leaders and serving in leadership roles to demystify the art and the science that is leadership development.  


An allegation of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace can grind an operation to a stand-still.  We blend empathy with efficiency to work through a process that addresses the allegation and establishes a clear path for moving forward. 

conflict resolution

If your organization has more than one employee, then you have opportunity for conflict.  Rather than addressing the symptoms, we get to the root causes of the conflict and help those involved to build their own solutions.     


It is tough to build a great organization if the HR basics are not up to par. We bring decades worth of HR experience to ensure you’re hiring the right people, keeping them engaged and performing at their best, compensating them appropriately, and addressing terminations in a professional manner.

policy & process

People related policies and processes are rarely glamourous, but if they are ineffective or fail to meet legislative standards, they impair an organization from achieving its mission.  Our focus on simplicity, clarity, and compliance ensures your employee and volunteer related policies and processes are aligned with your values and hum effortlessly in the background.

coaching & Mentoring

Everyone needs a listening ear and the benefit of wise counsel.  We bring decades worth of coaching and mentoring HR and LR professionals to help you tackle whatever challenge you are working through.  


Your organization has a vision, but do you have a people plan to move to your desired future state?  Whether looking at culture, structure, succession planning, leadership development, or any part of your HR systems, we help you document your plan and mark your progress toward achieving your vision.


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