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Keith Peterson


Labour relations Expert

Keith is a labour relations expert who partners with employers to achieve operational success through constructive relationships with their employees and their union representatives. 

After twenty plus years in large, multi-union employers, Keith knows that navigating the complexities of a unionized workforce requires skill, finesse, and determination.  He has represented seven different employers in their interactions with 25 different unions, always with a consistent focus on finding professional, respectful ways to get to the root of the problems to be solved. 

Keith has served as the employer’s chief spokesperson in the negotiation of thirteen collective agreements.  In his role leading the labour relations function at both the Calgary Board of Education (13,000 employees represented by eight unions) and at ATCO (7,000 employees represented by ten unions), he coached and mentored labour relations professionals and other bargaining team members through 29 different rounds of bargaining.   Keith has also partnered with executive teams to develop and implement labour relations strategies such as reducing the number of collective agreements from nine to five and obtaining a $470 million operational contract that required a guarantee of eight years of labour stability.  

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Keith is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), a designation he has held since 2005. He also obtained his Society for Human Resource Management - Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) designation in 2019.

He graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commence (with distinction), majoring in Human Resource Management.


HR Strategic Advisor

Keith is a strategic advisor who provides faith-based organizations with a wide range of human resources advice and solutions to ensure they achieve their stated mission.

Keith has had accountability for every area of human resources during almost twenty years in leading HR teams as small as two and as large as 100.  Operational leaders and HR professionals consistently comment on Keith's ability to quickly work through the complexity of any situation and develop ideal solutions.  Keith's two decades of HR and leadership experience in public and private sector organizations of 7,000+ employees means there is no problem he hasn't successfully addressed at some point.  

Keith has been an active volunteer in faith-based organizations throughout his life.  His volunteer and professional lives intersected during four years as chair of the board for an organization working through the unexpected departure of the founding leader.  Keith played a significant role in addressing the legal, financial, spiritual, governance, and human resource issues associated the leadership change.  Fast forward to today:  the organization is fulfilling its mission and Keith has developed a passion for ensuring all faith-based organizations receive the HR advice and support they need to be successful.